emperors silk


Emperors Silk

This is a bright pure red like the red silk lining of a jacket. We love it used as a interior of a cupboard or drawer. It is named after the red of China but best of all, we love one piece in a room painted with this stunning colour maybe deepened with some dark wax in places.

Emperors Silk

Emperor’s Silk painted with texture, with first clear then dark wax applied in parts. Inside the drawer, Aubusson Blue.

ADD WHITE- to make ‘Frangipani’
Add equal parts of Old White and Emperor’s Silk to make a bright strong exotic flowery pink with a zing, so I’ve called it FRANGIPANI.


ADD MORE WHITE- to make ‘Malacca’
Add 3 parts of Old White to 1 part of Emperor’s Silk to make a pink Annie calls MALACCA because it reminds her of pinks from Indonesia.